Which is Best: Fiberglass, Concrete, or Vinyl Liner?


West Virginia Pool

There are three types of in-ground pools: composite fiberglass, vinyl liner, and concrete aka gunite.

Composite fiberglass is designed to be installed and last a lifetime. Composite fiberglass pool shells do not need periodic or yearly maintenance beyond caring for the water itself. With zero costs down the line composite fiberglass pools will always be the best value in the long run.

Concrete pools generally are the most expensive of 3 options. The concrete finish requires upkeep and maintenance usually every few years. Over time the finish will need to be re-glazed or resurfaced at an additional cost to the pool owner.

Vinyl Liners have the lowest initial cost. They are available in many shapes and sizes. Vinyl Liner pools have some maintenance yearly. The largest drawback of vinyl liners is the fragile nature of the liner, it can easily have holes poked in it from items used in the pool, and they need to be replaced periodically based on normal wear and tear leading to higher ownership costs over time.

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